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Central Group Embraces Net Zero with Elemental Consulting's Support

Central Group, a leading roofing and cladding contractor in the UK, partnered with Elemental Consulting Group in January 2023 to embark on their journey towards Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. This decision was driven by both a desire to comply with future legislation and meet client tender requirements, while also demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Central Group initially struggled to find a consultancy that aligned with their needs. Many used complex language and made unrealistic promises. However, upon meeting Richard Hipkiss from Elemental, they found someone who was honest, transparent, and possessed a deep understanding of Net Zero strategies, particularly within the construction sector. This, coupled with Elemental's commitment to clear communication, resonated strongly with the Central team.

Richard and Abbie Hipkiss from Elemental provided invaluable support throughout the process. They guided Central in quantifying their carbon footprint across all scopes (1, 2 & 3), established clear and achievable short and long-term reduction targets, and co-created a bespoke Carbon Reduction Plan that incorporated Central's specific goals and requirements.

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Elemental's ongoing support extends to monitoring Central's carbon footprint and ensuring adherence to the GHG Protocol Standard. Their commitment to fostering a positive and collaborative relationship has empowered Central with the confidence to navigate this complex process. Open communication channels allow the Central team to raise any questions, concerns, or ideas, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership.

The positive impact of Elemental's expertise extends beyond the initial plan creation. Their guidance has garnered the full commitment of Central Group's Board of Directors. The board has proactively adopted a top-down approach to implementing the Carbon Reduction Plan, recognizing its importance and integrating it into the company's Core Values.

Furthermore, Elemental's influence has spurred the board to explore and prioritize ongoing and future sustainability initiatives, encompassing environmental, commuting, and business aspects. This commitment has led to the creation of a dedicated ESG role to oversee and manage the company's environmental, social, and governance performance, solidifying sustainability as a core principle of Central Group's operations.

Central Group's journey towards Net Zero exemplifies the transformative power of partnering with the right consultancy. With Elemental's expert guidance and unwavering support, Central has positioned itself as a leader in its field, embracing sustainable practices and demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

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