The experiences are unique to the individual and the person’s right to an explanation and understanding of those experiences is paramount.

The distress must be considered in the context of the person’s life experiences, i.e. within social and environmental frameworks.

People who experience mental distress have within them the capacity to recover and thrive. Organisations and professionals are there as guides but do not own that recovery process.

The individual should therefore determine their own journey as the expert of their own experiences.

This can be achieved by;

Campaigning against labels that say little or nothing about the origins of peoples’ distress whilst simultaneously stigmatising themEnsuring that the values of the lived experience of recovery and thriving are respected and belong to the individual and not professionals.Promoting positive mental health, wellness, restoration, recovery and thriving as the natural direction for health services on an international level.

Sharing recent knowledge and research into all areas of the process of recovery and thriving and the underpinning elements. Bringing together and supporting the growth of an established international movement of people committed to furthering the knowledge surrounding recovery and thriving. Playing a significant role in the development of the above named aims with a focus on the development and dissemination of solutions that improve the quality of life for those with mental distress.

Living with mental illness

People suffer from some sort of mental illnesses and they do not even know it. Some of the most common mental illnesses are anxiety disorders, mood disorders and schizophrenia disorders. If you are afraid of spiders or wide open spaces, you have a mental illness. This term might sound frightening, but it should not be seen as the end of the world. Living with it is more than possible and you can even overcome it if you follow recovery therapies with a psychotherapist.

Phobias, stress and depression

People coming from all walks of life are prone to suffer from one – or more- mental illnesses or disorders at certain point. The condition will affect their everyday life and they will have to seek for professional assistance if they will want to get better. Some of the mental problems can lead to suicidal thoughts and even attempts, so the sufferer should at least talk with one of the family members or friends. There are lines where you can anonymously speak with psychologists and therapist, so all you have to do is just this little step.

When you feel that stress, phobias and depression control your life way too much, you can take a step forward and improve your mental wellbeing. Everyday pressures are enhanced, you feel overstressed and nothing seems to be right, yet you can cope with it and get recovery. Just like men who want to build their confidence using SizeGenetics male enhancement, you can find the best therapy with the help of your therapist. You will have to follow the therapy, take your medicines and develop your hope until you will alleviate your mental illness. That is why men use SizeGenetics and this is actually their mentality.

If you suffer from a mood disorder such as bipolar disorder, major depression, seasonal affective disorder or dysthymia, you may feel that despair and sadness are a constant presence in your life. Banish them with the support of your doctor, seek for professional help or at least talk with one of your closest friends. In addition to this, try to eat well, follow a balanced diet with healthy foods, drink enough water and sleep well.

There is a solution to every problem

Your mind might be temporary disturbed, but it does not mean that your body has to suffer as well. Food, water or sleep deprivation can result in even more problems and that is what you least want in these moments. Have your health checks regularly, make sure your body is well and try your best to get over this difficult period. If you feel unwell in any circumstances, go to your health care provider and he will tell you what you should do next.

Any problem can be fixed with >male enhancement tools and the adequate treatment or solution. If the first therapy will fail to offer positive results, try something else. Your therapist, family and friends will support you for the entire time and you will eventually get better. Health is not like an on and off switch. Ask for help and learn how to live a long and happy life!