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Elemental Insight

Tired of soaring energy bills and limited visibility into your energy consumption? Introducing Elemental Insight, the groundbreaking API designed to empower small retailers and businesses to take control of their energy use. This innovative tool, offered exclusively by Elemental Consulting Group, unlocks valuable insights previously hidden within your electrical systems, illuminating the path towards significant cost savings and sustainable practices.


Ditch data drudgery and embrace effortless clarity with Elemental Data. Our secure meter units seamlessly integrate with your electrical systems, automatically gathering real-time consumption data. No more manual readings or spreadsheets – say hello to effortless data collection. But we don't stop there. We transform that complex data into clear, actionable visualisations, giving you immediate insights into usage patterns and inefficiencies. Want a personalised view? No problem! We craft bespoke dashboards showcasing your energy consumption across all locations, tailored to your unique business needs. And the savings? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our analysis pinpoints areas for immediate optimisation, empowering you with the information to make informed decisions and reduce your energy footprint and costs. But there's more! We don't just tell you where you stand – we help you set ambitious yet achievable goals. Benchmarking and comparisons against industry standards and similar businesses show you where you excel and where you can improve, fuelling continuous progress towards your sustainability goals. With Elemental Data, effortless data becomes powerful insights, driving informed decisions and unlocking a future of efficiency and savings.

Insight +

Forget limited data, embrace granular control with Elemental Data. Expand your data collection with additional circuit points, providing a comprehensive breakdown across specific equipment and areas. No more guessing games – pinpoint peak usage periods by hour, day, or week with our detailed time-based analysis, revealing targeted opportunities for optimisation. Want to plan ahead? We've got you covered. Access comprehensive reports and predictive insights to anticipate future energy needs and proactively manage costs. But that's not all! Stay informed and empowered with customised alerts and notifications. Receive timely warnings on potential inefficiencies and opportunities for immediate action across all locations, ensuring you never miss a chance to save. With Elemental Data, granular data becomes your superpower, empowering informed decisions and unlocking a future of optimised energy use and reduced costs.

Insight Enterprise

Ditch siloed data and unlock unparalleled visibility with Elemental Data's multi-site management. Get a bird's-eye view of energy consumption across all your locations, enabling insightful comparisons and data-driven strategic decisions. Want to delve deeper? No problem! We offer customisable data aggregation by region, building type, or specific equipment, giving you in-depth insights tailored to your unique needs. And the analysis doesn't stop there. Leverage the power of AI with our advanced analytics and reporting, uncovering hidden patterns and trends that pave the way for large-scale optimisations. But here's the real game-changer: predictive maintenance. We monitor equipment health and forecast potential issues before they arise, preventing costly downtime and ensuring smooth, efficient operations. Sustainability a concern? We've got you covered. Track and report on your organisation's overall carbon footprint and monitor progress towards your sustainability goals with ease. With Elemental Data, multi-site data becomes a powerful tool for strategic decision-making, operational efficiency, and sustainable practices.

Harness the power of Elemental Insight and unlock a future of sustainable success. Slash energy costs through data-driven decisions that optimise operations across all your facilities. Minimise your environmental impact and boost your sustainability profile by actively reducing your carbon footprint. Attract environmentally conscious customers and investors, gaining a competitive edge while contributing to a greener future.

Contact Elemental Consulting Group today and discover how our innovative API suite can transform your energy management, saving you money, streamlining operations, and empowering you to build a sustainable future for your organisation.

With Elemental Insight, achieve more, sustainably.

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