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About Us

More than just a boutique energy consultancy, we're your trusted guide on the journey to a thriving, sustainable future.

With decades of experience across diverse industries, Elemental Consulting Group empowers businesses like yours to achieve tangible results in both cost reduction and environmental impact. We go beyond compliance, crafting tailored energy management solutions that optimise your unique operations and infrastructure.

Our team, with decades of experience across diverse industries, delves deep to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. We then collaborate closely to craft a customised plan, delivering measurable results that extend beyond cost savings.

Our focus? Impact. We'll help you shrink your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future, together. As your long-term partner, we're here to provide ongoing support and guidance, every step of the way.

Our Services:

  • Energy audits and assessments

  • Compliance guidance and implementation

  • Renewable energy solutions

  • Data-driven insights and analysis

  • Net zero strategy and roadmaps

  • Carbon reduction initiatives

  • Energy efficiency optimisation


Elemental Consulting Group doesn't simply preach sustainability, we demonstrate its tangible benefits. Partner with us and unlock a future where environmental responsibility meets financial success. Optimise your energy use and minimise waste to see significant cost reductions on your energy bills, making green choices financially beneficial. Shrink your carbon footprint and watch your brand reputation bloom, attracting top talent who share your values.

Breathe easy knowing you meet all regulations and avoid potential penalties, allowing you to focus on your business, not paperwork. Finally, gain a competitive edge by standing out in the marketplace with a commitment to sustainability. Attract eco-conscious consumers and future-proof your business with Elemental Consulting Group as your partner in responsible growth.

Ready to embark on your sustainability journey?

Contact Elemental Consulting Group today and discover how our tailored solutions can empower you to achieve both financial success and environmental responsibility.

Together let's fuel your growth, responsibly.

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